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The Walk Trails of Santiago de Compostela

Mar 22, 2020 - Mar 30, 2020


The Santiago Paths are also fundamentally Cultural Paths. These Paths enable participants, who may not be in the best of health, to easily enjoy the benefits of the Walk. It makes no sense to walk 200 -300 km by foot and be crippled in the process. Instead of doing 30 km in a day we walk an assisted route of about 10 km/average a day. This makes the journeying more interesting from the point of view of landscape and culture, while at the same time maintaining the theme of pilgrimage but reducing the physical effort. Basically we preserve the health of those who walk and add to it a cultural component. Thus the program is lighter in terms of physical effort, but loaded with the same symbology. It has been successfully offered for the past years and is now part of publications concerning the Paths or Trails of Santiago.

Minimum participants: 16
LAND PORTION: $2,599 / person including gratuities
EXCLUDES: Air Portion:
Dates given are with Air Transat $950.16 inc tax / person on Oct 31, 2019

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/_uploads/images/branch_tours/shell-santiago.pngTHE TRAILS OF SANTIAGO

Mar 22 –

depart Toronto – Terminal #3

Mar 23 –
Arrival at Porto airport. Welcoming by the Driver and Guide. Transfer to Chaves. Check-in at hotel. Briefing regarding the walk. Visit to the historical center. Mass in honor of Santiago. Dinner at hotel

Mar 24 -
Departure to Soutelinho da Raia. Walk 7 km to Vilar de Perdizes, a route used both by pilgrims and smugglers. After lunch, tour the Vilar de Perdizes. Walk to Santo André 5 km. Continue to Montalegre. Check-in at hotel. Herbal Tea Workshop. Dinner & the "Burn of the Witch"

Mar 25 -
Leave Portugal and enter Spain crossing the border to Santiago de Rubias at Couto Misto. Walk approximately 1.5 km to Rubias using the “Privileged Path” – one that is full of history in a region that was neither Portuguese nor Spanish. Continue by bus to Coedo and we walk from Coedo to Paiocordeiro 5.6 km, through two small villages (San Salvador and Paiocordeiro) in a beautiful valley full of trees and wild mushrooms. Lunch. Visit Alhadriz and free time. Check in to our hotel, followed by dinner.

Mar 26 –
Return to Alhariz. We will walk between Alhariz and Pereiras 10 km, crossing dense oak plantation, groves of chestnut trees, water streams and wet lands in a bucolic landscape. Mandatory stop and visit to Santa Marina de Aguas Santas. Continue to Ourense by bus. Walk from Avenida Zamora, the Burgas to the Ourense Cathedral, mandatory stopping points for those who pass through the Trails of Santiago, 1 km. Lunch. Visit the historical city center. Free time. Dinner at hotel

Mar 27 –

Depart by bus towards Oseira. Walk between Cudeiro and Sartédigos 3.7 km, using a rural path that crosses villages offering a beautiful view over the valley of Ourense. We take the bus to Bouzas and from there we walk to Faramontaos 4.3 km. The trail passes over the River Barbantino via a beautiful medieval bridge. After lunch we go to Oseira (via Cea) to view its Monastery 1.4 km. Visit the Monastery of Oseira and continue to Lalin. Check in to the hotel and the rest of the day is free. Dinner at the hotel.

Mar 28 -
Depart by bus to Prado and walk from there to Silleda (about 7.2 km) passing by the medieval bridge of Taboada and Pazo de Transfontao – a unique area of natural beauty. After lunch we drive to Pineiro and from there we walk to Santiago de Compostela, approximately 5.4 km. We enter Santiago through the Door of Mazarelos – the only one remaining of the ancient walls of the city. Check in to our hotel and rest of the afternoon is free. Dinner at the hotel.

Mar 29 -
Visit the historical center of Santiago de Compostela and the Cathedral. Pilgrim Mass. Lunch. Transfer to Porto. Rest of day at leisure. Dinner at hotel

Mar 30 -
After breakfast transfer to airport for flight back to Toronto.

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