Peru Primer

Peru Primer
Meanwhile, in South America …


Lisa MacIver, Advisor
Park Lane, Halifax

 “Machu Picchu was the highlight of my recent trip to Peru. I have wanted to go ever since I did a project on it in school, almost 25 years ago. Watching the clouds part and reveal the ancient city was so surreal—it was a moment I will never forget .” 

Mysterious. Exciting. Colorful. From enigmatic Machu Picchu, to the steamy wilderness of the Amazon jungle and on to the vibrant arts scene of Lima, Peru offers a cornucopia of diverse cultures and landscapes ripe for exploration.

“Clients would tell me that hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is nothing short of mystical,”   says Lisa MacIver, Maritime Travel Advisor, Park Lane, Halifax, NS. “I had Peru on my bucket list for years, so now, having finally experienced it for myself, I can only say it was the trip of a lifetime. It truly is a beautiful country.”

Highlights of a typical Peruvian adventure include both jungle walks and city strolls. “Lima was not at all what I expected,” says Lisa. “It has such a vibrant arts scene and a really unique vibe. The opportunity to spend a few days in the Amazon was also an unforgettable experience and one I highly recommend,” she says. “Just imagine: no power, no wifi, just the sounds of the jungle and the quiet conversations among your travelling companions.”

To get the most out of your Peru adventure, Lisa recommends that clients be prepared for some fairly vigorous hiking—especially if you plan on visiting Machu Picchu. “I would recommend this trip to active clients who are into both adventure and history. It’s a hard climb to Machu Picchu, but absolutely worth it!”

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