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The standard voltage in Mexico is 110 volts AC (the same as North America) and the plugs typically used are the two-flat-prong type.


It is advisable only to drink purified water when in Mexico. The resorts profiled in this brochure use only purified water for washing and preparing food, for serving in restaurants and for making ice cubes. Do not drink the tap water in your hotel room; bottled water will be available at your hotel.


The only legal gambling in Mexico is sports betting. Some resorts do have “Casino Nights” but you play for prizes rather than money. Similarly, winnings from slot machines at resorts are in the form of vouchers for stuff at that resort.

Departure Tax

Included in your all-inclusive package.

Best Buys

Best buys include: Perfumes, silver, pottery, leather, tequila, and all manner of crafts. Shop on!


In addition to margaritas, don’t miss the fresh salsa, guacamole and ceviche/_uploads/images/resorts/BeInTheKnowMargaritaMix.png