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Cuba - General Information


Canadians’ love affair with Cuba shows no sign of letting up. Years ago, the romance
was first sparked by the allure of unspoiled tropical beaches and good value. 

/_uploads/images/resorts/cuba2019.pngThings have really been heating up ever since, with the addition of more, high-quality, all inclusive resorts. Thankfully, the value and unspoiled beaches remain.

Those who crave excitement head to Varadero, Cuba’s most popular hotspot. Those wanting to unwind on a virgin beach amid the bounty of nature head to Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo & Cayo Santa Maria. Holguin and Guardalavaca offer beautiful beaches steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty. And with more than 289 sun-drenched beaches surrounding the island, there are lots more destinations to choose from. 

Weather in Cuba


Entering Cuba

All visitors must have passports that are valid throughout their stay, as well as tourist cards (provided by the tour operator or airline).


Spanish, but English is well known in tourist areas.


The national currency is the Cuban Peso. US Dollars are no longer accepted as legal currency
in Cuba. Canadian visitors bringing cash or travellers cheques should ensure these are in Canadian dollars. These can be readily exchanged for Cuban Convertible Pesos at banks, hotel exchange desks, airports and money exchange houses. Please note that travellers cheques are accepted only if they are issued by a non-American bank. American Express credit cards and travellers cheques are not accepted. A 10-percent exchange fee will be levied when converting US Dollars to Convertible Cuban Pesos.

Please note, that according to the Cuba Tourist Board:

  • You cannot get convertible pesos before going to Cuba.
  • You cannot use a bank card to withdraw Convertible Pesos in Cuba.
  • You can acquire a cash advance in Convertible Pesos from a non-U.S. credit card (eg. Visa) at banks in Cuba. If you do not have a PIN number for your credit card, you would need to get one prior to leaving Canada.
  • When it comes to tipping, Cubans should be tipped in Convertible Pesos.

Credit Card Payments

American-affiliated credit cards (eg. American Express) are not accepted. Visa is the most commonly accepted.

Cuban Departure Tax

25 Cuban Convertible Pesos (cash only) per person. We recommend you reserve sufficient Cuban Convertible pesos to pay this fee at the airport, prior to departure. While Canadian currency can be exchanged for Cuban Convertible Pesos at airports in Cuba, departure times vary greatly, and it is possible this service might not be available.


Cuba’s electricity is 110 volts, but most hotels and resorts have 220 volts. Electrical outlets take flat plug prongs. An adapter is necessary in most hotels.

Dress Code

There is a dress code in effect for dinner at most hotels’ a la carte restaurants, which usually means long pants for men and no swimwear or bare feet.

For more detailed information on vacationing in Cuba, talk to your Maritime Travel counsellor. You can also visit the following websites: