Cruising Guide


Maritime Travel Perk: Up to $100 USD shore-excursion credit per person!

In lieu of casinos and organized activities, Mother Nature provides the entertainment aboard the Hurtigruten (Norwegian for “fast route”) fleet. The line is comprised of 13 ships, 11 of which are committed year-round to Norwegian coastal itineraries. Life onboard is decidedly casual – a Hurtigruten cruise typically includes a mix of traditional cruisers along with
passengers traveling point-to-point, some of whom may be ferrying their cars. Interaction with fellow travellers, the spectacular scenery and excellent enrichment programming are the main draws.

The scenery along Norway’s majestic coastline was out of this world and the shore excursions were so interesting. At the head of Oslo Fjord, we visited the country capital with its panoramic views and fascinating history. Then it was on to Kirkenes, close to Russia and Finland borders and known for its amazing views of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. And that was just for starters! This itinerary is all about Alpine mountain peaks, Arctic fjords and tiny fishing villages.

Inside Tip:

Norwegian city and town visits are close-up and personal; cargo handling at every port is a fun activity to observe.