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Las Vegas Recommended Resorts

Viva Las Vegas!

Many call this Sin City. Our travel counsellors will tell you that the real sin is not visiting Las Vegas, Nevada at least once in your lifetime. Many that do, end up coming back again and again.

Everything you’ve heard is true. More than just Casino-Central, here you can get married easily (maybe too easily), spend all night and day at casinos, dine till you drop, or shop till you drop. The evening shows boast the biggest stars in the world. The resort hotels are themselves theme parks. It’s the “city that never sleeps,” because few can bear to miss out on all that is going on.

Our Recommended Resorts

When it comes to having the best possible vacation in Las Vegas, choosing just the right resort for your home base is the most important decision. On the Strip or off? Food, ambiance, nightlife, live entertainment, gaming environment … there’s just so much to consider. 

At Maritime Travel, we don’t take that decision lightly. We’ve polled our national network of friendly, knowledgeable travel counsellors … the ones who have personally visited each of these resorts. We’ve also talked to our customers who have stayed at these select properties.

/_uploads/images/resorts/Counsellors_Choice_logo.gifThe result is the brochure. On each page, you’ll receive an insider’s look into properties whose quality and value have earned them our “Counsellor’s Choice” seal of approval. At Maritime Travel, customer satisfaction is our top priority. It’s not enough to recommend a nice property, we want you to have the best possible holiday so you’ll return to us for your next vacation and refer us to your friends. 

Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on our recommended properties in Las Vegas and have short-listed a few that seem right, we encourage you to talk to your Maritime Travel counsellor. After all, We Know Travel Best!  

Resort information and conditions are subject to change after this brochure has been posted./_uploads/images/resorts/LasVegasSign.png

Please note: this brochure was last updated in 2019.