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More and more families are choosing to travel together. The lure of a sunny getaway combined with some quality family time is an attractive one in our workaday world.

When it comes to having the best family vacation possible, choosing just the right resort is your most important decision. Location, rooms, kid- and teen-friendly programming, food, ambiance... there’s so much to consider.

At Maritime Travel, we don't take that decision lightly. Our travel counsellors have been arranging hundreds of family getaways, both in the Caribbean, at sea, and right next door in the United States. In fact, many have visited the resorts profiled on these pages with their own families; finding out which ones are great for teens and which are best for families with younger kids; and which have the most family-friendly accommodations.

The result is this brochure. On each page, you’ll receive an insider’s look into properties whose quality and value have earned them our “Counsellor’s Choice” seal of approval.

/_uploads/images/resorts/Counsellors_Choice_logo.gif/_uploads/images/resorts/NEW_IMAGE.jpgWhen you see this symbol next to a resort, it means this resort is newly added to our Recommended brochure.

/_uploads/images/resorts/IconBabies.pngWhen you see this symbol on a resort description, it means the resort welcomes babies and has special services for those under the age of two.

Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on our recommended resorts for families, and have chosen one or more that seem right, we encourage you to talk to your Maritime Travel counsellor. After all, We Know Travel Best!

Resort information and conditions are subject to change after this brochure has been posted. For the most up-to-date information, contact your local Maritime Travel counsellor.

Please note: this brochure was last updated in 2019.