Recommended Resorts

Hawaii Recommended Resorts

Aloha Hawaii!

With its diverse attractions and fabulous natural scenery, Hawaii has never been so inviting. From the exhilarating beach culture of Waikiki Beach to the breathtaking natural splendour of Maui, Hawaii’s unique islands offer distinct experiences to lure any traveller.

Recommended Resorts

When it comes to having the best possible vacation in Hawaii, choosing just the right resort for your home base is the most important decision. But even before you choose your resort, you need to choose your island – Oahu, Big Island, Kauai, or Maui – each with its own distinct charms. And then there’s food, ambiance, nightlife, live entertainment, gaming environment … there’s just so much to consider. 

/_uploads/images/resorts/Counsellors_Choice_logo.gifAt Maritime Travel, we don’t take that decision lightly. We’ve polled our national network of friendly, knowledgeable travel counsellors … the ones who have personally visited each of these resorts. We’ve also talked to our customers who have stayed at these select properties. 

The result is the brochure. On each page, you’ll receive an insider’s look into properties whose quality and value have earned them our “Counsellor’s Choice” seal of approval.

Please note: this brochure was last updated in 2019.