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Adventure Travel Recommended

Please note: this brochure was last updated in 2019.

Whether it’s tackling that long-planned trek to Everest Base Camp, or watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu while the rest of the world sleeps, make this your year for adventure. Even if exotic travel does not call to you, adventure can still await around every corner of the globe. There are lots of new roads to travel and unique experiences to be had even at some of our more popular destinations. Knowing how to unearth these discoveries is where your Maritime Travel counsellor comes in. After all, criss-crossing the globe in search of adventure is what we do best.

/_uploads/images/resorts/Adventure-legend.pngWe understand that our customers are seeking the deeper experiences that adventure travel provides. We also understand that there’s a lot to consider, including choosing just the right company, travel style and destination—not to mention level of difficulty, type of activity and group demographics like age and interests. So, we polled our large national network of experienced and knowledgeable travel counsellors … the ones who have experienced first-hand every type of adventure travel possible, from expedition cruising to mountain trekking; wildlife-watching to beachcombing.

The result is the brochure you hold in your hands. With each turn of the page, you’ll receive an insider’s glimpse into the world of adventure travel, learning which tours have earned our Counsellors’ Choice seal of approval. Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on our recommended adventures, and have chosen one or more that seem right, we encourage you to connect with your counsellor. After all, We Know Travel Best!