The Baltics Revealed 
Featuring St. Petersburg

Stay: 11 days, 10 nights
Meals: 14 meals (9 breakfasts, 5 dinners)

October 13th, 2020 - 11 Days
$3,059 CAD per person
Savings of $1,080 per couple!

• Get a glimpse into the Baltics' dark past at the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, better known as the KGB Museum.
• Step into a fairytale at the Trakai Island Castle, isolated on an island.
• Wander through the world's second largest collection of art at Russia's Hermitage Museum.

Your Tour at a Glance:
From the Middle Ages to the height of the Russian Empire, experience the kaleidoscope of influences in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. Relish the timeless charm of Vilnius and explore its cobblestone streets – by bike or on foot. Step into the pages of a fairytale at Trakai, an island castle with soaring pines and grassy shores. Embrace the historic past of Riga when you spend two nights in the opulent Old Town. Taste traditional Latvian flavours in a hands-on cooking class. Peek into the rural heritage of the Baltics at the Estonian Open Air Museum. Feel like a Russian tsar at the colossal Winter Palace. On the precipice of all things old and new, discover a melting pot of cultures and medieval heritage in the Baltics.



Day 1

Overnight Flight

Discover a melting pot of cultures – a Germanized mindset, intermingling Polish roots, a Finnish way of life, and a dabble of Russian influence. Find eccentric murals in Lithuania, Gothic towers in Latvia, storybook streets in Estonia, and extravagant palaces in Russia. Bordering their namesake sea, this is the Baltic region of Europe.

Day 2

Artagonist Hotel Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania - Tour Begins
Step into another time in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Stay in the heart of medieval Old Town (UNESCO) – a relic of a bygone era, where cobblestone streets lead through a seamless mosaic of cultures. The city’s stunning architecture of Baroque arches paired with neoclassical siding and 300-year-old frescoes adorning even older buildings creates an indescribable charm. Joining new friends tonight, get a taste of the culture at a local restaurant where you will excite your palate with warm and hearty comfort food.

Day 3
Artagonist Hotel Vilnius

Today, discover Vilnius University, the oldest in the Baltic states. Then, it’s your choice how you get to know the city. Stroll the winding streets with a local expert, getting a glimpse into Vilnius’s deep Jewish heritage, Bohemian lifestyle, and its budding art district -OR- explore the neighbourhoods by bike with a local guide; as you coast along, let the vibrant colours of imaginative street murals catch your eye. Next, we gather to uncover the nation’s dark past at the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, better known as the KGB Museum, located in the former Nazi and Soviet headquarters. Feel the emotion wash over you as you read personal accounts from the victims and their families.

Day 4
Neiburgs Hotel Riga
Vilnius - Trakai - Riga, Latvia

Embrace the fairy-tale aura around you at the Trakai Island Castle. Surrounded by curving coastlines and towering pines, the burnt orange walls of the fortress appear to rise directly out of the gentle waves of Lake Galve. Enjoy free time to explore the castle grounds and village. Make sure to stop in one of the cozy restaurants for a bite of a kybyn – a traditional Karaim dumpling. Continue on to the Hill of Crosses, a mystical shrine from the 1800s that has been rebuilt and expanded continuously over time. Cross over the Latvian border to Riga, the country’s capital and the largest city in the Baltic region. With an evening at leisure, enjoy Riga’s opulent Old Town, the setting for your centrally located Art Nouveau hotel.

Day 5
Breakfast & Dinner 
Neiburgs Hotel Riga

Discover the capital’s hidden secrets and neoclassical architecture as you walk the streets with an expert guide. Get a glimpse into the past as you venture along the historic squares and streets, reflective of German and Russian tastes. Take a ride through the Art Nouveau district, where you’ll see the stately apartments and elegant façades. Experience the Art Nouveau museum, located inside the former home of Latvian architect K. Pekšens. Marvel at the iconic spiral staircase, adorned with unexpected artistic touches. Become awestruck at Riga’s famous central market, where flowers, fruit and pastries overflow the stalls of this converted airplane hangar. Take advantage of an afternoon to yourself before an interactive cooking class where you’ll use traditional ingredients with a modern twist. Enjoy the fruits of your labour as you dig into the flavourful feast.

Day 6
Breakfast & Dinner 
Hotel Palace Tallinn
Riga - Pärnu, Estonia - Tallinn

Your journey takes you to Estonia, the northernmost Baltic country. Arrive in Pärnu, Estonia’s sunny seaside resort town. Take time to explore this town on your own, with charming cottages and stunning white-sand beaches. Then, join a local naturalist for a true Estonian tradition – a bogging adventure. Choose how you explore the area because it’s your choice! Traipse through the wetland with a pair of bog shoes,* drive/journeyking over the sodden moss while scooping the berries out of the water for a taste, brushing your hand against the blanket of waterlogged peat -OR- breathe in the fresh pine air as you walk above the shrubs on a boardwalk, winding your way across the bog and taking in the entirety of the natural landscape. We gather and continue on our way to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. This compact city is home to medieval avenues, striking red rooftops, and a distinctly modern culture. Settle into Hotel Palace, built in 1937 and located next to the city’s main square. This evening, feel the city’s history firsthand at a medieval restaurant lit by candles and set in a wealthy merchant’s house. Enjoy authentic food and traditional music as you are transported back in time to a night in the 15th century.

Day 7
Hotel Palace Tallinn

The day begins at the Estonian Open Air Museum which you can explore on foot or by horse and carriage. Peek into the rustic lifestyle as you delve into the area’s rural history, wandering by preserved houses, wooden churches, and timeworn windmills. Discover Tallinn’s twisting cobblestone streets and immovable stone buildings with an expert guide, feeling as if you’ve ventured into another world where the Middle Ages live on. As you discover the lower and upper towns, choose how you connect with the city’s culture because it’s your choice! Experience Tallinn’s age-old tradition of Marzipan, which has been used for both medicinal practices and as delectable desserts; paint your own edible sculpture to take home as a tasty souvenir -OR- visit Raeapteek, Europe’s oldest continuously working apothecary, where you can learn about the intriguing range of herbal remedies. The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore at leisure.

Day 8
Breakfast & Dinner  
Pushka Inn Hotel
Tallinn - St. Petersburg, Russia

Head east through the Baltic region and make your way to St. Petersburg, Russia’s Imperial capital. Full of regal beauty and layers of history, the city is considered to be the “Venice of the North.” To start your 3-night stay in Russia, delve into the country’s rich culture at a dinner featuring Russian specialties.

Day 9
Pushka Inn Hotel
St. Petersburg

Get acquainted with the city before heading to the Winter Palace, a vibrant dwelling that served as the former home of Russian tsars. Wander into the glory of Russian aristocracy as you make your way through this lavish green-and-white complex. Inside, experience the Hermitage Museum with an expert guide. Gaze in wonder at the collection of paintings, the second largest in the world, containing pieces by Monet and Matisse. The rest of the day is yours to explore captivating St. Petersburg on your own. Perhaps you will go on an optional excursion to Peterhof, an estate known to be the “Russian Versailles.”

Day 10
Breakfast & Dinner  
Pushka Inn Hotel
St. Petersburg

Continue your Imperial odyssey at the Catherine Palace – a monumental manor that functioned as the Russian tsars’ ornate summer home. Let your eyes drift along the iconic exterior, in its signature shade of robin’s egg blue. Welcome the feeling of royalty as you gain exclusive early access into the palace. Tonight, treat your taste buds to traditional Georgian cuisine at a farewell dinner featuring an exotic spin on savoury comfort food from the neighbouring country. Toast the end of your whirlwind adventure as you reflect on your excursion through the Baltics and Russia.

Day 11
St. Petersburg - Tour Ends

As your tour draws to a close, say goodbye to winding medieval villages and stately royal palaces.