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Jane Hunt

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Costa Rica

Year: 2012

October 31st - November 7th - 2012

Just Returned from Costa Rica on an AMAZING Educational Trip with" Expediciones Tropicales" with 12
other agents and led by Miza ... our Eglish Speaking Guide ( PAPA) and our own Maritime Travel Costa Rican Expert Maxine Monk.

It was 8 Days Packed full of Adventure and Nature.  We stayed each night in a diffierent Hotel and
all of them were Great in their Own Special Way.  We stayed in resorts that were bedded deep in the Jungle
and were only accessible by boat to one that sat the bottom of a the Arenal  Volcano to  one that was
visited Frequently by Movie stars ... with a BAT Cave Bar and also an  All Inclusive in Puntarenas!

The Adventures that we encountered were more than I could have ever Dreamed of ...
- Watching Baby Turtles leave their nests and make the "Journey of their Lives" to the ocean
- Sailing through Tortuguero National Park filled with Parrots, Macaws and Tucans  -
   Monkeys, Crocks and Turtles
- Travelling by "Nature Air" on a small plane where there was no Airport and NO ID required
- Spending the day at the "Tabacon Grand Thermal Spa" is considered “the eighth-wonder of the world" featuring the heat of the volcano, the flowing waters of the hot springs, the pure air of the rainforest and the fertile earth. An Incredible Day!!
-Zip Lining over the jungle with 8 Platforms and travelling at speeds of 80 km/hr, up 200m above sea level and for almost a km at a time!! Breathtaking!!
- Sailing on a Catamaran with 2 water slides and after an afternoon of snorkeling ...relax in the Jucuzzi tubs
 with some amazing Coctail Drinks
- Manuel Antonio National Park - amazing beaches all the nature you can handle ... even Sloth Monkeys!!
BUT ... the Highlight of this trip ... there were soooo MANY .... was the Crocodile ManTour!!! Watching Jason wade through the water with dozens of these HUGE Crocks and Feeding them with his bare hands was CRAZY!!

If you are one who Loves  Adventure and getting "Up Close and Personal" with Nature ... I have a trip of a Lifetime for You!!