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Tracey MacDonald

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AMA Waterways River Cruise on the Danube

Year: 2017

What an amazing experience this was!  What a relaxing way to see some the most beautiful places in Europe.  It was 5 star all the way.  The cabins are beautiful and well planned with lots of storage space.  The French balcony was great.  We were able to slide back the glass doors and relax in our cabin as the scenery goes by.  The public areas were also as relaxing.  The main lounge surrounded with windows was a great place to have a drink and meet fellow passengers or curl up with your favorite book. The food was absolutely outstanding and plenty of it. The wine and beer certainly flow during lunch and dinner! 

In each port you have your choice of tours from easy paced walking tours to more strenuous bike tours and hikes, all with excellent and knowledgeable guides from the local area.

If you have not River Cruised... I would highly recommend it and AMA Waterways was FANTASTIC!